About Me

My name is Elise Hendry and I am an artist for everyone, based in Cumbria

I offer bespoke work made to your exact specifications of the highest standard.  Please take a look over my website and view some of my commission pieces.



I’m trained in art and also in animal management and behaviour which gives me an edge in understanding animals and their personalities.

When I’m commissioned to create an pet portrait I like to meet the cat or dog (or goat, or rabbit etc), when possible, so that I can capture their personality.

When people photograph their dogs they produce a fantastic memory of that moment but often it misses the “spark” of impishness or the essence of the cheeky chap” that they’ve come to know and love. I take the time needed to capture their character using sketches, video and photographs.




I have enjoyed creating portraits of all kinds including  horses. My training in animal management and behaviour allows me to “get close” to them, along with my experience with my family having a number of horses of their own. My love for them started at a very early age and you’d often find me running barefoot in the fields with the horses, sometimes falling asleep among them or riding them without saddle.

I love horses and I feel that this shows in my portrayals of them and past customers have been thrilled to receive the finished article ….often as a surprise gift for a special birthday or anniversary. I’m also able to work from photographs and video meaning that I can still create a portrait of your beloved pet even if they have sadly passed away.




People Portraits


I have had the great pleasure to produce portraits of a number of people, including little Hugo to the left, the lovely grandson of a local couple……quite rightly proud of him. This was their Christmas present to their daughter and son-in-law. They were thrilled at the present.





DSCF6243 resized for website
Landscapes & Buildings


As well as having the pleasure of producing portraits of people, pets and horse ……  I love to paint landscapes and buildings. The one shown here is based on a local beauty spot called “Rivington”

I was able to produce a piece that showed the honeymoon beach for a recently married couple. They had been unable to capture exactly the view they wanted using photos: people on the beach, the sunset or some days it was too cloudy, so after speaking to them and viewing their Honeymoon snaps, I was able to create just the beach view that they wanted.








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